Systematic review and bibliometric analysis of the metabolome found in human breast milk from healthy and gestational diabetes mellitus mothers

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Introduction. Human breast milk is considered the gold standard of nutrition, given that thanks to the diversity in the metabolome it manages to meet the individual needs of each infant by providing essential metabolites that contribute to and intervene in optimal growth and development. Few factors can modify the composition of breast milk and, simultaneously, its benefits. However, the increase in maternal metabolic diseases such as gestational diabetes mellitus raises the question of whether it can be one of the factors that condition the quality and quantity of metabolites contained in breast milk. Objective. To identify the metabolome of breast milk from healthy mothers, its influence on the growth and development of the infant, and to recognize those that are altered because of gestatio- nal diabetes mellitus. Methodology. A systematic review was carried out using multiple databases. For the bibliometric analysis, we used the results of Web of Science and Scopus and the Tree of Science and Bibliometrix software.

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